Shitty Idea: Change webserver storage up

Most likely will never public but here is a shitty idea I just had for hosting my website.

  • Two systems, A & B
    • A side (self hosted side)
      • 2x 10gb? partition on standard storage
      • 10gb? /dev/ram0
      • Use mdadm to raid 1 1 standard storage and the /dev/ram0
        • Setup DRBD on top of that RAID1
          • Setup PV/VG/LV on top of the DRBD
      • Setup DRBD (#2) on second standard storage async from B side
    • B side (Vultr + block storage)
      • 10gb? partition on standard storage
      • 2x 10gb? partition on block storage
      • Use mdadm to raid 1 those two together
        • Setup DRBD on top of that RAID1, Async from Side A
      • Setup DRBD (#2) on second block storage
        • Setup PV/VG/LV on that
  • Configure webservices on both sides to use mount points off of the LVMs
    • 3 nginx services
      • Possibly symlink out of webroots?
    • 1 MariaDB,
      • Boot from only active side (A mostly)
  • Write scripts to break DRBD on B side to allow for
    • LV snapshots of file system -> tarballs
      • 1 per week, up to a month
    • Daily? backups of mysql via mysqldump
      • Keep 14 days worth?
    • All tarballs go to second DRBD

On top of all that, Vultr will snapshot the VM (not block store) every week.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.