About Me

Who am I?

I am a random guy on the internet. I play various games both single and mulitplayer, see my steam profile. Long ago I worked with a group of guys working to maintain an online gaming group called “Team Play First”. Eventually that groups domain expired and we lost control of the site and the group kinda fizzled out. I regained the domain after years of squaters and tryin to get the group back off the ground again.

What hobbies do I have?

I dabble in scripting of varioous things in various languages. Some things to note a couple of plugins to SourceMod and provided an updated webgui to dump1090. There are other things but those are the ones I am the most proud of. I also run a few dedicated game servers which are mainly for my use but are open to the world. I have a project to show the status of those servers right now and will be a blog post in the future once everything is working to my liking. Last hobby I have is something I am working on, astrophotography. Right now I have not gotten much past a few good shots of the moon but I hope to get better.

How can I contact you?

You can reach out to me on various platforms. You can find links to all the profiles on the various platforms/means at the bottom of the sidebar on the left.