Live Blogging via Matrix

Sometime ago I wanted something that could be used to be liken a stream of my thoughts. Later I saw a blog post on the Matrix.org blog talking about Matrix Live Blog. I saw it as the perfect thing to be the conduit for my random thoughts that have no purpose in being toot’s or blog posts. I have been poking it for some time and still have tweaks I want to do to the code to fit what I want. What makes it great is if you use a static site like I do, you only need javascript and a matrix server and chatroom. So nothing server side unless you count the Matrix chat server. I have a chatroom and have a link on the left that demos the live blog. You can find the Matrix chat room that backs the page here.

IPv6 Token

In rebuilding my servers with a newer os, I had to review how to set an IPv6 token. First thing that you may be asking yourself is what is an IPv6 token exactly? To keep it very simple it allows for the first part/half of the address to be dynamic while the second part/half is something you can assign statically. This is helpful for me as I can have shorter addresses for the server systems and full length ipv6 addresses for systems and devices that have no interface to them. So how does one do this in Rocky Linux 9?