Sep 19, 2023
I have been looking for a cross os and cross platform note taking software. In my searches I found several that would do for basic needs but I wanted something that really works for me. So my requirements were markdown formatting, syncing of notes with ease, and of course free with preference of being open source.

Live Blogging via Matrix

Aug 27, 2023
Sometime ago I wanted something that could be used to be liken a stream of my thoughts. Later I saw a blog post on the Matrix.org blog talking about Matrix Live Blog. I saw it as the perfect thing to be the conduit for my random thoughts that have no purpose in being toot’s or blog posts. I have been poking it for some time and still have tweaks I want to do to the code to fit what I want. What makes it great is if you use a static site like I do, you only need javascript and a matrix server and chatroom. So nothing server side unless you count the Matrix chat server. I have a chatroom and have a link on the left that demos the live blog. You can find the Matrix chat room that backs the page here.

Install RACADM on Rocky 9

Jun 27, 2023
I just recently put some effort into rebuilding my server(s) host os for my VMs. One of the things I dreaded was loosing racadm just in case I needed it when upgradeing from CentOS 7 to Rocky LInux 9. Spent some time going down the wrong rabbit holes among other things. I ended up stumbling on a posting/faq(?) to install racadm on ubuntu. In it held some keys to getting what I want done.

IPv6 Token

Jun 27, 2023
In rebuilding my servers with a newer os, I had to review how to set an IPv6 token. First thing that you may be asking yourself is what is an IPv6 token exactly? To keep it very simple it allows for the first part/half of the address to be dynamic while the second part/half is something you can assign statically. This is helpful for me as I can have shorter addresses for the server systems and full length ipv6 addresses for systems and devices that have no interface to them. So how does one do this in Rocky Linux 9?

Updating NodeJS

May 21, 2023
In my efforts to update the theme to my site (this site) I ran into issues of upgradeing NodeJS. So I just wanted to make a quick post of a soltion I used.

Switching to Mastodon

May 17, 2023
This will be a short post. With everything that has been going on with twitter, to me it just has become a toxic waste dump. I am switching from even really looking at twitter as a viable news source option. While I will maintain an account there, I will not use it for interactions if at all possible. Instead I would urge people to move to Mastodon. I would also suggest if you are able to, stand up their own instance. This way people can do what they want and I can isolate the shit from actually reaching me and the bots that I will eventually stand up. Perhaps that is a future posting of how to stand up a mastodon server. For now if you need me: @[email protected]


Mar 3, 2023
This week was terrible for me, as I watched one of my favorite pets waste away. Ty, passed away this morning and he will be missed in my home. Despite his blindness it did not stop him from being a very happy and active cat. The last couple of years of his life were full of ups and downs with many trips to the vet to help him. In the end now, I hope he is at peace and is able to rest on the rainbow bridge in the sky. May we meet again in someway.