Permanently Banned from Reddit

Yesterday morning I was permanently banned from Reddit on my main account. No warning, no lube, no nothing. This is mostly for me to vent but readmore to see my timeline of attempting to deal with this. My expectation is that nothing will happen and I will be wasting my time.


Please note that the times are approximate.


2024-04-30 0700 ET:

I am doing morning doom scrolling in reddit and I get a message from u/reddit and a big red banner of being permanently banned. I figure this is some bot that went crazy and things will be corrected after my morning shower. Nope.

Ban Message

Ban Message

2024-04-30 1000 ET:

I submit my inital appeal attempt. I cant recall exactly what I said but it indicated I only have u/mindlesstux and one other. I also find the appeal page has a 250 char limit (at the time I miss read it as 200). That is far to damn small.

2024-04-30 1600 ET:

I get the first response, denied.

Appeal Response 1

2024-04-30 2000 ET:

I spot check many of my posts and comments as I could still pull them up from my profile. Nothing seems to cross any of the content policy from what I can tell. I suspect this is a ban related to network from a VPN I was on. I find the reddit support page, and submit a lengthy post. I also mention that I suspect that my account is being considered an alertante to someone else.

2024-04-30 2100 ET:

I made an open letter post on r/reddithelp. I left it with pending moderator approval figuring this would go no where.


2024-05-01 1530 ET:

My unsued alternate is now also permanently banned.

2024-05-01 1700 ET:

I submitted a second appeal for my main account. I also find that the post I made last night looks to have been approved but then was moderated away. So that is when I decided to write everything down and post a public timeline that I can refer to.


2024-05021 1040 ET:

I submitted another appeal via the form

I repeat my statement I did not break rules to my knowledge. I believe my account is flagged due to an IP share, likely from OVH network where I have VPS for VPN use. I only have this account as main and another account via SSO that was accidental.

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