ADSB Tracking

ADSB Tracking

What is ADSB? Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast. In short is a means that aircraft announce where they are about every 2 seconds. Some say it is a security risk, I say it is a good thing to have. It can be used by other airplanes to know what planes are near them without having to rely on ATC. Couple ADSB with a USB SDR stick and some software and I can provide a few sites what I can “see”.

Here are a few sites and the associated stats/visualizers I supply my data to.




Sites feeding data to


This is a great site when I am wanting to follow the flights I am on or flights family is on.


This a site I feel provides a good global overview and lets you explore rather well. Excluding flights that are ment to be private.

  • Stats - May be login limited

ADSB Exchange

I am possibly reconsidering this option after the drama that has unfolded


There are others I am reviewing if I should provide them my data but those will be in time if I decide to do.