Being Worked On

At this time I am not working on anything on this page.


Misc Ideas

I have a small list of ideas I dont want to forget but not sure if I will ever get to them.

  • CSS Grid WordPress theme, possibly similar to 2014 theme
  • Modify a garage door opener to allow an external source button push.
    • Home security system displaced this project as it is now a thing with it.
  • Misc things for dump1090
    • Rewrite of the dump1090 interface again, I never published my new layout.
      • New Dump1090 Interface
    • A script to convert dump1090 data in to a KML file that google earth can consume to show in a 3d space where planes are.
    • A “helper” site that offers up the navigation points & pathing for approch/departure

SourceMod Plugins

Some small plugins I have worked on for use in SouceMod. I use most of them on my game servers that can support the plugins.


Name Project Board Version Description Status
Report to Forum Project Board 0.0.0 Simple means for users to report players ingame to a common forum for admin/staff to work with. Planning
Data Push Project Board 0.0.0 Send player/server/entity data to a webserver. A accompanying PHP page to accept data and present a clean JSON data. Another php page to present the JSON in a more human friendly method. Planning


Name Project Board Version Description Status
Cheater Annoy-er   0.0.1 Causes target to be Gaged/Muted/Glowing through walls/Loose all weapons. Complete/Testing