What I do for my job is maintain a monitoring system for all the data centers for work and ensure it is getting good data. One thing I have found is many people tend to emulate work and personal lives together. So a bit over a month and a half ago for home use I went on a venture to figure out how can I monitor my home devices and network like I do for work to help identify problems before they begin. Now what I use for work is EM7 (by ScienceLogic) would be perfect to use. Only problem is it costs money to have a license for it. I did not want to spend money or hassle the work contacts (to much, I have already prodded them about the idea) to get a license for it. This left me looking to setup something free. So whats free out there? Nagios, Cacti, OpenNMS, LibreNMS, The Dude, and more. Those mentioned I have heard of or have tried to use, and that is not a complete list but those were the ones that stood out to me.