This week was terrible for me, as I watched one of my favorite pets waste away. Ty, passed away this morning and he will be missed in my home. Despite his blindness it did not stop him from being a very happy and active cat. The last couple of years of his life were full of ups and downs with many trips to the vet to help him. In the end now, I hope he is at peace and is able to rest on the rainbow bridge in the sky. May we meet again in someway.

Ty 2015-11

Some more images of this beloved cat from when he was alive. The last one is one of the more recent ones of him on one of his good times.

Ty 2011-11 Ty 2014-12 Ty 2018-05 Ty 2020-11 Ty 2021-01 Ty 2021-06 Ty 2021-11 Ty 2022-08 Ty 2022-11

I would like to say more about this wonderful guy, but I have trouble right now with that. I might update this post at a later date to add more words about him.

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