Switching from Wordpress to Jekyll

So my constant need/want to find the perfect means to managing my website has driven me from WordPress over to Jeykll. Why am I doing this jump? There are a few reasons that I am doing this.

The first and major reason is I am moving from self hosting the content to having it hosted by someone else. In this case I am making use of CloudFlare Pages to host static pages. That would be reason two, static pages. I dont really change my pages a whole lote so the CPU time is wasted by wordpress on a page load. This allows me to push the caching of the page as far out as I can. The third reason is instead of managing what basically comes to a database with a web frontent wrapper, I wanted something a little more “tangiable”. So by going with Jekyll I am able to write pages in markdown, store them in github and have Jekyll build pages with deployment on CloudFlare Pages.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.