MTG IRC Network

What is the MTG IRC Network? It is a small IRC network I use for status information and testing some code that I write time to time.

How popular is it? Not at all in any way.  It is just me and my bots, though I would love to see guests on it.

How do I connect to it?

  • Host:
  • Port
    • Non-SSL: 6660 to 6669
    • SSL: 6697

What server software and services do you run?  I run InspIRCd 3.0 and no services (for now).

What are the user prefixes I see in channels?

~+qMakes [nick] a channel owner. Protects from +a and +o; as of 2.0, this now implies +o.
&+aGives protected status to [nick]. This protects them from channel ops (+o); as of 2.0, this now implies +o.
@+oMakes [nick] a channel Operator.
%+hMakes [nick] a channel Half-Operator
++vGives voice to [nick]. Voiced users have no real power, the only thing special about being voiced is being able to speak when mode +m is set.

Can I use it for some of my projects? Sure.  Just nothing illegal in any country.