Game Servers

I run a various set of game servers in a VM that are open.  I tend to update the MOTD on the server before I update this page.  So you can look and see what game servers I am hosting here or for the most up to date list, I will occasionally post them here.

$ ssh

This IP is hosting several game servers:
TF2 --
CSS --
Quake 2 --
Quake 3 --
Quake Live --

OpenTTD, Pixelmon, Screeps, Teeworlds, Terraria, UT2k4, UT99,
TFC, - Mindlesstux Testing Grounds Discord

Soon a ZeroTier network will be setup as well for other game play that
may not have a dedicated server.
Feel free to suggest new servers at:
Excessive abuse of the SSH port will get your IP blacklisted from use
with any of my servers. Fair warning.


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