January 15, 2022

My tweak to the ‘Blogstream’ wordpress theme

So I got tired of looking at the theme that I had on this site, one of the wordpress out of the box from a few years ago.  Out of curiosity I started browsing themes and I came across this one.  It is called “Blogstream” by Alexander Agnarson.  I spent a little time tweaking the settings from the GUI but knew in a short time I would need to dig into the code for it to add some code for what I call “Reference URLs”.  These are pages that I consulted about what I may have written.  I just want to make sure they get the credit for part of my writing so I made it a custom field.

I liked how the tags look so I was hoping I could steal its CSS rather clumsily and have each URL be a little bubble.  I also only wanted it to show on a full page of a post only.  With those restrictions in mind after the break is the code to make it happen.

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Fix for ping socket operation not permitted

Just a little while ago I checked my kuma status page and noted that several checks were failing. In troubleshooting, I found that at least the ping command had a problem.

ping www.google.com
ping: socket: Operation not permitted

Needless to say, this became rather annoying and off to google I went. I quickly found these two pages that described the problem and a fix for it.  While I don’t understand yet how the problem started on my system, I am glad I found a fix.

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