September 2020

Rant: IRS Scam Phone Calls

Normally I ignore these calls as they are the scum of the earth and don’t deserve my time.  Today however I am expecting a call from a service tech from any possible phone number and thus I have to listen to any calls that come in today to make sure I don’t miss the call.  Sadly this has me trolling through the voicemails that I just ignored entirely.  I am just amazed that people fall for these types of calls all the time that makes these scams popular.

Here are some scam calls that hit my voicemail, so those that like to take revenge on them. Light them up on the phone system if they are still active.

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Follow up: Docker + Synology

As a follow up to my previous post as curiosity got the better of me.  I decided to see how difficult it would be to set up MariaDB/Grafana/NodeRED on my Synology 1815+.  Come to find out it is not that difficult to do so once you figure out the quirks of the UI you have to use.

Here is how to setup docker like I have but in a Synology system.

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Monitoring my cable modem signal levels for problems

Screenshot of grafana showing modem stats for past 7 days (2020/09/11)Recently I got the itch to learn something new and I chose to explore Grafana. Of course, I needed something to graph or make a dashboard out of. So I pondered for a while and during that time I had some trouble with my internet connection. This of course had me looking at my cable modem stats page and that’s where I found my inspiration. So many numbers that are a point in time snapshot that I wished I had a historical graph of. So I set about figuring out how to install Grafana in docker and pull the data in. I quickly found that grafana is a display thing and not a collector and display. This meant that I had to collect the data and store it so that grafana could display it. For this, I figured I could store it in MariaDB, as using that in grafana looked simple enough. The problem I had was getting the data off of the modems stats page. I plinked around with a bash script and a python script, neither did that great for me. About this time I remembered that nodered has some power to it and tried that. I managed to pull the data and store it into MariaDB via nodered. I then managed to display the data via grafana and was rather satisfied with myself.

I have written instructions on how to do this for an SB6183, it might work on an SB6190 with a bit of editing to support the extra channels in grafana.  Any other modem you will have to figure out the HTML and how to slice it up and make possibly major changes to the NodeRED flow and possibly the database.

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